Go the extra mile

These are just a few examples fresh in my head to write about. The Simple Powerline Remote Interactive Monitor and Enforcer (SPRIME) started as a simple open source class project. It turned out to be much more... The GaTech Convergence Innovation Competition happened to be going on at the same time. Our SPRIME project technically could fit in the smart-grid category for the CIC competition, but the project would have to be modified slightly to be eligible for submission. Doing so meant much more Read more [...]

Droid 1 vs. Droid X | First Impressions

I just upgraded from the original Droid to the Droid X. Since PCWorld's article comparing the original Droid and the new Droid X is just sad, I decided to do my own comparison. I'll do my best to list some first impressions, and highlight the key differences between the phones, based on actually owning and using both of them. For all of the feature-comparison-table lovers out there: Droid 1 Droid X OS Android 2.1 (Google Experience) Android 2.1 (MotoBlur) Battery (yes, different Read more [...]

15 Minutes of Fame for FeedSpeak

Yesterday, I was stoked about FeedSpeak getting posted on the front page of the xda-developers site! This was totally unexpected and definitely made my day.   A few days ago, a friend had recommended that I advertise the app in the xda-developers forum, so I created a simple post for FeedSpeak Pro. After posting though, I learned that the forum isn't really for paid apps - so I sat down and made FeedSpeak Lite, a free version of FeedSpeak Pro with some features disabled. At first, I didn't Read more [...]

When my life begins…

I have been having deep, serious thoughts about life lately. I came to realize that for the past few years, I have simply been waiting. Waiting for my life to begin. Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin. ~Grace Hansen I have just been waiting around to become something else, something more. Waiting around for certain events to happen, or milestones to be reached. All the while, thinking I was on the verge of becoming, and only after those moments my life would Read more [...]