15 Minutes of Fame for FeedSpeak

Yesterday, I was stoked about FeedSpeak getting posted on the front page of the xda-developers site! This was totally unexpected and definitely made my day.


A few days ago, a friend had recommended that I advertise the app in the xda-developers forum, so I created a simple post for FeedSpeak Pro. After posting though, I learned that the forum isn’t really for paid apps – so I sat down and made FeedSpeak Lite, a free version of FeedSpeak Pro with some features disabled. At first, I didn’t want to make/support another version of my app. However, now I’m glad that I did – having a free version probably pleased more people, leading it to be posted on the front page!

Just having that article flow through the stream of news for such a popular site really helped jump start the number of downloads! It was really exciting (and totally unexpected) seeing FeedSpeak get a good review and great advertising on the xda-developers site!

Sigh, time to wait for the backlash of random bug and/or feature complaints to fix…

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