Awesome National Geographic Script in GIMP

After installing the new plug-in registry for GIMP, I stumbled upon the amazing National Geographic Script. It is incredible! This script simulates high quality, vivid photos - like the ones from the National Geographic magazine. It uses a configurable mixture of shadow recovery, sharpening, local contrast, and various color overlay layers. The script is buried under: Filters > Generic > National Geographic. The default settings usually work for me, but play around with the opacity of the Read more [...]

Yet Another Fresh Install of Ubuntu Setup Script

Over the years of installing, updating, re-installing Ubuntu, I have slowly crafted a decent "fresh install" bash script to help setup and configure Ubuntu after a clean install. This script is ever evolving, and still doesn't capture everything I want it to, but it does knock out a giant chunk of things to do, automatically from the start. A related and a bit more polished script can be found here: What to do after installing Ubuntu? Run this script!. This one is more GUI oriented, while mine Read more [...]

Idle Fuel Consumption | A/C On vs. A/C Off

I was curious about how much gas was actually saved when idling my car with the A/C off, so I gathered some fuel efficiency numbers using the MPGuino I made for my 2002 Honda Civic. The MPGuino can display the instant Gallons Per Hour (GPH) consumed, and this measurement was used for these tests. Testing Notes: All tests were performed on a hot summer day, with the car warmed up after driving around The instant GPH was averaged over 10 seconds for each test The gear shifter was Read more [...]

Back in my day, music was actually good

I stopped listening to the radio many years ago. I just can't take it. As a teenager, I had two favorite alternative rock stations I listened to. I could turn on the radio at any time, and it was almost guaranteed that one of those stations would be playing a song I liked. Ah, those were the good ol' days, and it's amazing how music can trigger memories. Slowly, it happened that the newer the band to air on one of these stations, the less I liked what I heard. At some point during my high-school Read more [...]