Optimizing GNOME Screen Real Estate

Small screens suck. Even worse, once you get used to a high resolution screen, having to use anything smaller is torture. I find this to be true for desktop moniors, laptop screens, and even phones now (I don't watch or own a TV, but I'm sure it applies there also). Having wide-screen is certainly nice, but please, don't take away my vertical space, to get it! I spent top dollar on my laptop (back in the day) to get a higher resolution than 1280x800, the gold standard for 15 inch screens at Read more [...]


October 10th 2010 - a very interesting date, and a random day of procrastination from school! Installed Ubuntu 10.10 - so far, so good; it doesn't seem too different than 10.04 though. I'll update my fresh install script for 10.10 soon. Update: v0.3 works pretty well with Ubuntu 10.10; more features to be added soon! Took part in Flickr's Help Record 10/10/10 festivity with these photos: (1 , 2). Just search for the tag 101010 on Flickr to see more. Actually, I signed up on Flickr for Read more [...]

Comfort Zone

In Starbucks the other day, I was sitting with my laptop just trying to get some work done, and enjoying my morning coffee. I soon noticed there was a cute girl sitting alone across from me, on the other side of Starbucks with her laptop. Being fairly busy, I didn't think much of it at first, and continued working. It didn't take long before curiosity got the better of my peripheral vision, which led to periodic glancing around the room to look at her. It was then I realized she seemed to be doing Read more [...]