Nature vs. Nurture

I first saw this image (below) about the Reaction Range Model in a psychology book years ago. It really struck me, as I felt it somewhat explained my path of education. Basically, it proposes that a person's genetic makeup determines the LIMITS on his or her IQ, and that environmental factors determine WHERE within this range the person's IQ will actually fall. Growing up, I would say that I was more like Jack (bottom left), but in an Average environment, in an average grade school and high school; Read more [...]

Droid X Links

I got tired of re-searching for all these things when I needed to reset, restore, and re-root my Droid X phone, so here is simply a collection of links and references I find useful when wiping/resetting my phone: ADB Drivers Windows Linux Root Instructions Windows Easy z4root SBF Flash (Return to stock 2.2) 1KDS Droid X Full 2.2 SBF Gingerbread SBF Instructions Backup/Restore Apps Droid X Recovery Bootstrap ROM Manager Mount Read more [...]