AT&T Developer Summit Presentation

  I got an incredible opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and give a short talk at the 2011 AT&T Developer Summit on a few of the cool Android projects I've done in school. I was given only ~5 minutes to present 3 of my projects: RoadBump, FeedSpeak, and SPRIME - giving a student's perspective on Android programming. The other 15 minutes went to Dr. Russ Clark who talked about the GT-RNOC lab, and Shweta Patira, who talked about her iPhone/Android projects. Our session: The Platform Read more [...]

Customized Subreddits In Google Reader

News site reddit offers a nifty way to get the RSS feed for a particular subreddit: simply add "/.rss" to the url. For example: is the RSS feed for the technology subreddit. But, when logged in to reddit to see your customized subscription list, adding "/.rss" doesn't guarantee a customized RSS feed in Google Reader, since it has no knowledge of your reddit login info. Well, today I stumbled across the way to view multiple subreddits without logging in Read more [...]