New Camera: Nikon D3100

Thanks to my sister, I've gotten hooked on photography - so much so, I just made a big investment in a fancy new DSLR! After weeks of comparing various DSLR cameras, I decided to go with the Nikon D3100, because I felt it was a nice balance of features, 'newness' (end of 2010), and price (well, that might be a stretch). The most notable features that drew me to this camera were: full manual control (for when I get good), a guided auto mode (while I'm learning), HD video recording, a nice LCD Read more [...]

CUDA and Automake

Note: I am by far no expert on this - (I only spent the past few days trying to wrap my head around automake, and before that, never opened a file before) - just wanted to share my experiences. Below is an excerpt from and files I modified to add CUDA to an existing automake/autoconf setup (the .. .. implies other unmodified/existing lines). # -*- -*- # Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script. .. .. AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(no-dependencies) AC_CONFIG_HEADER([config.h]) .. .. # Read more [...]