The History and Evolution of GPU Hardware

Here is a paper survey I wrote last semester in my CS6290 class about how the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) hardware architecture has evolved over time. I found the research quite interesting, and spent a lot of time doing it. I'm posting this here, as I feel that more people than my professor should read and enjoy it. Abstract: The graphics processing unit (GPU) is a specialized and highly parallel microprocessor designed to offload and accelerate 2D or 3D rendering from the central processing Read more [...]

4 Years Later…

2007: Awesome riding spot.   2011: ...gone. It's now a dirt hill, in the expansion of Piedmont Park.   Another sweet riding spot taken away. Thanks Atlanta, Georgia.   Read more [...]

Stupid 1366×768

Well, it seems laptop LCDs are all going from 16:10 aspect ratio to 16:9, to match the HDTV standard format. The most popular 16:9 HD resolution, 1366 x 768, has taken over the laptop market and taken away precious vertical space on almost every new laptop LCD screen! I'm sure 16:9 is really convenient for watching for movies, but I don't watch movies, ever - especially on my laptop! 1366x768 sucks because it is too short for any useful work, and not wide enough for 2 windows side by side. I Read more [...]