En Nuestro Desafio tribute video: Powerlines

Inspired by [my favorite band] Tristeza's original video for their song En Nuestro Desafio, I've created a similar video for this song, as a tribute to how awesome this band and their song is. Tristeza's original video already fits the song quite well, but one day while driving (and listening to this song of course), I happened to look out my sunroof at the power-lines going by, and was inspired. I thought that a unique variant of a video for their song would be one of looking at things pass Read more [...]

Holstee Manifesto

Some very inspiring quotes about following your passion in life: You can buy this as a nice poster here.   Stumbling upon these motivational words couldn't have come at a better time for me... 😉 More thoughts and quotes on life here and here.   Read more [...]