Image processing with LibJacket + OpenCV

Update: one year later: ArrayFire+OpenCV The OpenCV library is the de-facto standard for doing computer vision and image processing research projects. OpenCV includes several hundreds of computer vision algorithms, aimed for use in real-time vision applications. LibJacket is a matrix library built on CUDA. LibJacket offers hundreds of general matrix and image processing functions, all running on the GPU. The syntax is very high level and easy to use. LibJacket with OpenCV For anyone out there Read more [...]

Remapping Macbook Pro Keys for Emacs Use

Background: I recently took the $$$ plunge and got a fancy new 15" Macbook Pro to replace my 5-year old ASUS laptop. Though I'm not too fond of Apple's business model, I just couldn't seem to find (hardware wise) a more quality built and ascetically pleasing laptop than a Macbook Pro. After 6 years straight of using Linux as my main OS (I despise Windows), I'm now learning my way around OS X for the first time. Having never used a Mac before, everything about OS X's GUI is new to me. Once Read more [...]