OpenCV vs. LibJacket: GPU Sobel Filtering

Update: LibJacket has been renamed to  ArrayFire. In response to a comment on a previous post about integrating LibJacket into an OpenCV project, below is just a simple FYI performance comparison of OpenCV's GPU Sobel filter versus LibJacket's conv2 convolution filter (with a sobel kernel)... This is an evolutionary post, so be sure to scroll all the way down to see more comparisons... Update (10/24/2011): Round 2     Test system: [via /proc/cpuinfo]: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Read more [...]

Fix Android Market Update Issues [build.prop]

I have been using a custom build.prop file for a while now on my Droid X. There are several benefits [example] for doing so; the main one for me is a higher virtual screen resolution, also known as "LCD density". This can be done via various methods, including programs such as LCD Density Changer, or manually with adb by editing the field in '/system/build.prop'. My current favorite setting for the ro.sf.lcd_density paramater is 192 (vs 240 stock). The following shows the improvement in screen Read more [...]