Fix Android Market Update Issues [build.prop]

I have been using a custom build.prop file for a while now on my Droid X. There are several benefits [example] for doing so; the main one for me is a higher virtual screen resolution, also known as “LCD density”. This can be done via various methods, including programs such as LCD Density Changer, or manually with adb by editing the field in ‘/system/build.prop‘. My current favorite setting for the ro.sf.lcd_density paramater is 192 (vs 240 stock). The following shows the improvement in screen space you see when adjusting the LCD density:

Lock Screen: density 240Lock Screen: density 192

About Phone Screen: 240About Phone Screen: 192

I recently ran into a problem where the Android Market doesn’t update properly anymore. I kept getting “This app is incompatible with your DroidX” errors when trying to install programs I know should work. The fix I stumbled onto (in some DroidX forum somewhere) was to change the LCD density back to stock (via editing build.prop). Apparently Google is getting more strict about enforcing various app’s requested features, sometime erroneously.

Here are the steps to take to fix the Android Market update fail (most likely due to a modified LCD density in build.prop):

  1. Change the LCD density back to device defaults (via build.prop file).
    • If reverting the LCD density does not work, you can try changing the, as seen here, or reverting the build.prop file back completely to stock.
  2. Remove the .android_secure/ folder on the SD card (via adb or Root Explorer).
  3. Reboot.
  4. Select: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market > “Clear Data”.
  5. Enjoy working Market again, and install updates!
After getting my Android Market working again, I quickly changed my LCD density back to 192, and I guess I will have to periodically change it back to stock to ensure complete Market update compatibility. Luckily, not all apps trigger the “device not compatible” error; my guess is an incorrect setting in the app’s AndroidManifest.xml config file, but I’m not sure.

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  1. Turn off data connection / wifi
    erase you Google acc
    after this go to Settings>Apps>All>Google play> Force close + erase data
    Reboot to CWM do a wipe and wipe dalvik

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