Using Gradient Layer Masks in GIMP

Some simple notes on how to seamlessly blend images in GIMP using gradient based layer masks. INPUT IMAGES 4 images with only different shutter speeds: PROCESS Open all images as separate layers in a new GIMP canvas: Right click a layer > "Add layer mask" > choose default "White full opacity" > Add: Now select the Blend Tool: Click the arrows to "Reverse" the gradient; choose "Bi-linear" shape mode: In this step I'll focus on the bottom layer only... (so hide the other Read more [...]

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First 365 Photo Project (2012)

Goal: Remember to take a new photo each day for one year... Rules: Every photo must be taken on a different day of the year in 2012. Sounds simple enough, right? I hope that I make it!... --> *2012 - 365 Project Photos* <-- Update 07/01/2012:  Halfway checkpoint Update 12/31/2012:  Complete!   Update 2016: migrated all years in one place! Read more [...]