New Camera: Nikon D7000

It’s official: I’m really into photography as a hobby right now :), proven with my recent purchase… I just upgraded my old camera, to a Nikon D7000, and WOW, what an upgrade!

Nikon D7000 – unboxed on April 5 2012

Now I finally have auto exposure bracketing (for much easier HDR images)! Even though  this camera makes HDR really easily, I’m sort-of glad my first DSLR(D3100) did not have AEB, as this taught me to really plan out my HDR images; not everything should be overly processed. Still, I’m super excited about an easier way to get bracket photos.

Also, I’ll admit that I never really used Manual mode on the D3100, and spent most of the time shooting Auto 🙁 , with a little bit on Aperture priority or Shutter priority. Transitioning to the D7000, I am making it a point to almost exclusively use Manual mode on this camera, as a good way to get better at learning photography (probably what I should have done a year ago).

^ I should point out this camera has TWO rotary dials: one for aperture and the other for shutter speed, which I love and have already found invaluable in Manual mode. ^

This camera makes me happy. There are many new features of the D7000 I have yet to discover, and l am excited about the learning experience ahead! As always, keep an eye on these albums for new photos:   Google+   |  500px


Nikon D3100 vs. Nikon D7000

Update 01/12/13: I just discovered as an amazing collection of video tutorials on using the Nikon D7000 and all its features – I would definitely recommend checking them out!

8 thoughts on “New Camera: Nikon D7000”

  1. Hi there,

    This definitely looks like a powerful camera. Can you do me a favor, please do a comparison of this machine with Nikon D500.

  2. Two questions:
    1) You gonna sell your old camera?
    2) Will you ever add a way for us to subscribe to your blog BESIDES an rss feed? Email perhaps? WordPress follow button?

  3. Hey, two things:
    1. The Nikon D7000 is currently available at a newly lowered price from Amazon. The camera by itself (without a lens) is available for under a thousand dollars, for only $996.95. In addition, there are some special promotions offered, which include a 2% back in rewards, and a free 16GB SanDisk memory card. There is also a 24 month special financing offer available. Sounds like a great deal!

    2. If you want to compare Nikon’s D7000 with the D5100, take a look at

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