Samsung Galaxy S III vs Motorola DROID X

I recently upgraded my phone from a Motorola Droid X to a Samsung Galaxy S3 (finally!), and WOW what a difference! Below is a giant chart comparing the two phones, but first I'll list some random thoughts about owning and using the GS3. Not surprisingly, everything about the Galaxy S III is just amazing! When I first got my Droid X, I wrote a comparison of upgrading from a Droid 1 to that phone. To continue the trend, this post will be somewhat similar. First things first: the 4.8" 720x1280 Read more [...]

365 Photo Project: Halfway Checkpoint

At the beginning of this year, I decided (at the last minute!) to embark on a "take a photo every day" journey. I had never done anything like it before, and thought it would be a fun way to learn and practice photography (i'm still a n00b). At first, to ensure I make good use of my DSLR, I would set aside time each day to go out and shoot. Unfortunately, due to school and work, this very quickly turned into "well, my cell phone camera is more convenient most of the time, so i'll use that too". This Read more [...]