Last Post of 2012

Nothing important here, just a few highlights reflecting back on 2012... January - Started my first 365 photo project February - My photo on display in a random art show on campus March - Went to SXSW in Austin TX April - Upgraded to a Nikon D7000  |  created PyrDetail May - Finished MSCS degree from GaTech  |  Spoke at GTC 2012 June - Discovered Gordon School | ATL G+ Aniv Photowalk July -  First outing with UER Atlanta (spectre) | Got a GS3 August - Went to Old Car City September - Read more [...]

365 Photo Project (2012): Complete!

Well, the time has now come... my first 365 photo project is now complete! While it started as a way for me to practice taking better pictures, it soon turned into simply a photo journal, documenting each day. I have since grown to love always thinking about how to capture/represent each day as a picture (hard to do!). Persistence has now paid off: it is fun to go back through these photos and re-live each day (well, for most days)...   I've had a blast doing this and plan on embarking Read more [...]