A little book made for you

This post is dedicated to my sister Erin.

Erin made me a diy scrapbook of inspirational quotes about life, funny images, and some inside jokes. This is by far the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever recieved in my life. I truly treasure the book and her very dearly. Thank you, Erin.

Every time I flip through the pages of this scrapbook I get a chance to slow down and reflect upon life, become more grateful for my family and friends, and get inspired to make the most of the short time we all have on this earth.

A few months after I moved from Atlanta to California, my sister came to visit me for the first time (and we had a blast!). After taking her to the airport on her last day, I returned home to find she had secretly laid this on my bed. I never asked for anything like this, nor did I even know that she knew how much I liked quotes and images like these. I was astonished by how much effort and thought was clearly put into making this for me, and I honestly cried while reading it. Erin will never know just how much her and this book mean to me. I love my sister; she is awesome :).

I have finally gotten around to digitizing this amazing present for safe-keeping and sharing with the world. I highly recommend this as a thoughtful and fun DIY project for yourself or someone special. Enjoy:


Update: Checkout my new related side project: inspirationalimages.tk for more!

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