Taking a Photo each Day

Back in 2012 I embarked on a journey that has changed the way I live, forever, for the better. I originally began a “photo 365” project years ago (beginning of 2012), as a way to force my self to go take pictures each day with my new DSLR. Very quickly, the project became a lifestyle, and morphed from “let’s go take a nice picture with my nice new camera” into “let’s just take many photos each day, and go back and select the most representative photo for that day”. Basically, Read more [...]

As Seen on TV

I have some very exciting news! A few of my photos of Midtown Atlanta Georgia are now featured as the backdrop of the WSB-TV Channel 2 news station! Though most people viewing don't think too much about the "generic" city images on display behind newscasters, I now understand some of the behind-the-scenes of how that picture gets selected. The 3 images selected above were found on Flickr, a website I had actually abandoned, for 500px, over 4 years ago! I was just contacted randomly one Read more [...]