As Seen on TV

I have some very exciting news! A few of my photos of Midtown Atlanta Georgia are now featured as the backdrop of the WSB-TV Channel 2 news station!

Though most people viewing don’t think too much about the “generic” city images on display behind newscasters, I now understand some of the behind-the-scenes of how that picture gets selected.


The 3 images selected above were found on Flickr, a website I had actually abandoned, for 500px, over 4 years ago! I was just contacted randomly one day, asking if I was interested in licensing and selling these photos for broadcast/media use, and after a few emails over a month, the next thing I know, they are on TV! Needless to say, I’m now having second thoughts on uploading new stuff to Flickr!

Unfortunately, I don’t live in Atlanta anymore to watch the local news and play “I spy” with my photos, but still, just the though alone that my family can do so is still very cool. If you happen to live in Atlanta and watch the local news, then be on the lookout for one of these ^ images 🙂


I am extremely flattered, and even humbled, to have my images be selected for display in front of thousands of people every day, as the background of the news broadcast.

One lesson I’ve learned from all this, and I think it may apply to many of you as well, is to just share your work – you never know who else may like it.  This is something I’m definitely still working on. I often find that most of my photos that I think are “meh”, turn out to be better liked by the people I know than I like the photo. So I try to keep this in mind when considering uploading a picture for public viewing. Don’t be afraid to share your art!


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