Only So Many Hours in the Day

In an effort to simplify my life and establish more balance, I’ve decided to write down everything that I spend a significant amount of time doing.

This started with just a list of hobbies, to help me narrow-down and prioritize my “free time” Ā [free-time is almost not a word in my vocabulary šŸ™ hence this post ] .

Then I realized there are many other non-hobby things that I focus my attention on, and found it interesting and helpful to list them as well.


Things That consume my time

Note: these lists are in no particular order, and I don’t use any time tracking/management software, I just sat down andĀ barnstormed.


  • photography (photo a day)
  • photography (general, photo editing)
  • biking (flatland / bmx)
  • biking (mountain)
  • gym / working out
  • jogging /Ā hiking
  • rock climbing
  • slack-lining
  • android app projects
  • arduino / electronics projects
  • programming projects (misc)
  • playing guitar
  • listening / discovering / enjoying music
  • blogging / website maintenance
  • learning new things
  • keeping up to date with news / interests
  • hanging with friends


  • work
  • commuting
  • keeping job skills updated
  • programming practice / review for interviews


  • church (Sunday service)
  • church (volunteering)
  • church (leading / attending life-groups)
  • misc adult-ing (home chores, errands, hygiene)
  • traffic / drivng
  • email / messaging
  • waiting in line
  • my phone
  • sleep


I’m hoping that writing this post will help me be more aware about how I’m spending my precious time, and re-focus my attention to a more fulfilling life.

How do you spend your time, and how do maintain work-life balance?


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