About Me

My name is Chris McClanahan 

In my [little] spare time, I am passionate about photography.

Have a look at my photo-a-day project for random peeks into my life.


IMG_9532_G  December_22__2014_at_1212PM_Diane_McClanahan_He_s_home_for_the_holidays_g2

Academic / Professional

Chris McClanahan is a software engineer at Google Research, focusing on mobile computer vision. He has a M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and previously worked on 3D 360 VR video stitching at Condition One,
depth+computational photography at Pelican Imaging, helped build the GPU library ArrayFire, and specializes in image processing, computational photography, and GPGPU computing.
He’s currently working on a cool mobile vision project at Google.




Featured Projects

Here are a few interesting projects of mine:



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This Blog

…mainly exists to share of my random thoughts (Blog), while also serving as a catalog of my projects (Portfolio).
I try to write something once a month or so, keeping posts more substantial than my G+/twitter updates.


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