About Me

My name is Chris McClanahan 

In my [little] spare time, I am passionate about photography. Have a look at my photo-a-day project for random peeks into my life.


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Academic / Professional

Chris McClanahan is a computer vision engineer at Google ATAP. He has a M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and previously worked on 3D 360 VR video stitching at Condition One,
depth+computational photography at Pelican Imaging, helped build the GPU library ArrayFire, and specializes in image processing and GPGPU computing.
He’s currently focusing on depth map processing and auto image stitching for spherical stereoscopic VR video.



Featured Projects

Here are a few interesting projects of mine:



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This Blog

…mainly exists to share of my random thoughts (Blog), while also serving as a catalog of my projects (Portfolio).
I try to write something once a month or so, keeping posts more substantial than my G+/twitter updates.


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