Someone on Facebook Chrome Extension

Make Facebook great again! Bring a new life and add some mystery to your Facebook feed! This plugin attempts to find all names and replace with the name Someone. I think it makes browsing Facebox more interesting and fun 🙂 Try it out!:   Note: this idea was inspired by the way a friend was reading Facebook aloud to me one day while we were just sitting around. See [an old greasemonkey Read more [...]

Play YouTube in Background on Android

YT Mobile Android App Are you tired of YouTube stop playing when turning off your screen or minimizing the app? Don't want to pay for YouTube or Google Music?   Try: Summary This app provides a convenient place to browse the mobile web version of YouTube, and allows you to play YouTube in the background! The YT Mobile Android app allows audio on YouTube to continue playing when closed. Just start playing your video and minimize the app or turn the screen off, and the audio will continue to Read more [...]

Lightroom Export to GIMP Plugin

Tags: gimp, image editing, lightroom, photography, plugin, portfolio, projects, scripts Export image to Gimp plugin/template for Lightroom  +  This post will show you how to easily setup lightroom to export a photo from Lightroom to Gimp for external editing. (Note these instructions are for Mac OSX, but can be translated to Windows also) Download: (Defaults for Mac. Edit path to Gimp if running Windows) Install: Unzip to ~/Library/Application Read more [...]

DIY cell phone car mount

In early 2012, I invented a way to easily mount my phone in my car, via velcro: If you don't mind using strips of velcro on the dash of your car, you can create a very easy DIY car mount for your phone, right on your dash! After a few phones, I'm still using the same idea in 2015: Simply buy some soft/hard velcro (not the hard/hard kind!) and place the soft side on your phone, and the rough side on the dashboard of your car (or wherever you find convienent). Enjoy! Read more [...]

inspirational images .tk

As mentioned in my previous post, A little book made for you, I'm a fan of inspirational quotes and motivational sayings. Over time, I have collected quite a few bookmarks of the ones that I enjoy. I've decided to create a gallery website dedicated to sharing lots of motivating quotes and inspiring pictures: I will continue to curate new content as I discover it. You can also contribute your own favorite photos too! Check out inspirational images .tk to get inspired, and let me know what you Read more [...]

Depth-based Image Editing in WebGL

What can you do with an image that has a depth value for every pixel? Try out this 3D WebGL image processing viewer to see! Use the sliders/controls below, and mouse over + click the image:   Loading... [WebGL capable browser needed to see this content] There are an order of magnitude more possibilities of new image editing and viewing innovations possible when depth information is available for a photo! Features of this example: Blur bokeh (simulated large aperture) Read more [...]

Someone on Facebook

My first Greasemonkey script:   Someone This userscript will replace all your friend's names on Facebook with the name  Someone I think it makes browsing Facebox more interesting and fun It is currently is activated by scrolling, and gets most of the names on a page. It is certainly not complete, so please contribute back improvements! Instructions to Install: Chrome users: install tampermonkey Firefox users: install greasemonkey Go here and click  Raw  and install Enjoy! Note: Read more [...]

Word Cloud Résumé Improvement

Preface By no means do I claim have an impressive résumé, but I did want to share a trick I thought of to help me improve it. Unfortunately, like most ideas that I come up with on my own that I think are original, doing a few Google searches proves me wrong. Regardless, the following helped me: Word Clouds I wrote a while back about generating a word cloud for my blog (which I need to do again!), because I think wordclouds (and data visualization in general) are cool. They simply count all Read more [...]

Yet Another Hackintosh Build

A Christmas present to myself this year: rebuild my desktop into a Hackintosh... Ever since I gave into Lightroom and started using my macbook for photo editing, I had been missing my desktop's larger monitor and faster processor. Since I can't run Lightroom on Linux, and since I can't stand booting into Windows, the only solution is to get  OSX on my desktop 🙂 Now, I really had no intention on buying new desktop parts, as my existing Core i7 920 and MSI X58 mobo were still plenty fast for Read more [...]

Music Visualization with an Arduino

Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer & Spectrogram As a followup to a previous post on Music Visualization with Processing (and a good excuse to play with my Arduino), I decided to convert my Processing music visualizer into hardware. The project is not finished yet, but I wanted to post a quick update and how-to on making what I have so far.   Media Here a picture and video of the current working setup:   Video   Info An Arduino Duemilanove is used to sample sound through Read more [...]