Google’s Cardboard Camera for 3D Virtual Reality Photos

Today Google released an app "Cardboard Camera" for Android in the Play Store: A free app to create 3D virtual reality photos (stereoscopic 3D 360° panoramas). VR Photography The app takes a three-dimensional panorama you can view in the Google Cardboard app. The result is a 360° image where near things look near, far things look far, and you can look in front of you, to your sides, or all the way behind you to see the entire Read more [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S6

In this post, I compare the Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920 (Release date: April 2015) against the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900 (Release date: April 2014). Notes: I'm not trying to compete with dedicated phone review websites, rather I just wanted to share my two cents on how these two phones compare. Also, I currently own an S5 since it was released last year, and the S6 device I refer to in this post is one I snagged from work to test out. First Impressions of the Galaxy S6 My initial reaction Read more [...]

By me, for me

Shameless plug (It's my blog though), but I'm truly being honest when I say: I use FeedSpeak every single day. FeedSpeak has become such a part of how I get my news and updates, that I don't know what I would do without it. Of all the things I have worked on, be it software or hardware, this is the only one that has become a daily ritual. Wow, to think that it all started as a class project back in fall 2009 (a big thanks to Tim, Scott, and Petar for helping jump-start my idea!). This post Read more [...]

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Motorola DROID X

I recently upgraded my phone from a Motorola Droid X to a Samsung Galaxy S3 (finally!), and WOW what a difference! Below is a giant chart comparing the two phones, but first I'll list some random thoughts about owning and using the GS3. Not surprisingly, everything about the Galaxy S III is just amazing! When I first got my Droid X, I wrote a comparison of upgrading from a Droid 1 to that phone. To continue the trend, this post will be somewhat similar. First things first: the 4.8" 720x1280 Read more [...]

Fix Android Market Update Issues [build.prop]

I have been using a custom build.prop file for a while now on my Droid X. There are several benefits [example] for doing so; the main one for me is a higher virtual screen resolution, also known as "LCD density". This can be done via various methods, including programs such as LCD Density Changer, or manually with adb by editing the field in '/system/build.prop'. My current favorite setting for the ro.sf.lcd_density paramater is 192 (vs 240 stock). The following shows the improvement in screen Read more [...]

AT&T Developer Summit Presentation

  I got an incredible opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and give a short talk at the 2011 AT&T Developer Summit on a few of the cool Android projects I've done in school. I was given only ~5 minutes to present 3 of my projects: RoadBump, FeedSpeak, and SPRIME - giving a student's perspective on Android programming. The other 15 minutes went to Dr. Russ Clark who talked about the GT-RNOC lab, and Shweta Patira, who talked about her iPhone/Android projects. Our session: The Platform Read more [...]

Droid X Links

I got tired of re-searching for all these things when I needed to reset, restore, and re-root my Droid X phone, so here is simply a collection of links and references I find useful when wiping/resetting my phone: ADB Drivers Windows Linux Root Instructions Windows Easy z4root SBF Flash (Return to stock 2.2) 1KDS Droid X Full 2.2 SBF Gingerbread SBF Instructions Backup/Restore Apps Droid X Recovery Bootstrap ROM Manager Mount Read more [...]

Droid 1 vs. Droid X | First Impressions

I just upgraded from the original Droid to the Droid X. Since PCWorld's article comparing the original Droid and the new Droid X is just sad, I decided to do my own comparison. I'll do my best to list some first impressions, and highlight the key differences between the phones, based on actually owning and using both of them. For all of the feature-comparison-table lovers out there: Droid 1 Droid X OS Android 2.1 (Google Experience) Android 2.1 (MotoBlur) Battery (yes, different Read more [...]

15 Minutes of Fame for FeedSpeak

Yesterday, I was stoked about FeedSpeak getting posted on the front page of the xda-developers site! This was totally unexpected and definitely made my day.   A few days ago, a friend had recommended that I advertise the app in the xda-developers forum, so I created a simple post for FeedSpeak Pro. After posting though, I learned that the forum isn't really for paid apps - so I sat down and made FeedSpeak Lite, a free version of FeedSpeak Pro with some features disabled. At first, I didn't Read more [...]