ArrayFire is now Open Source

The ArrayFire GPGPU Computing Library has just been released as open source software! As a former employee of ArrayFire (AccelerEyes), I am especially excited about this decision! ūüôā It's so cool to see the this library continue to grow; this is only the beginning of the potential for ArrayFire! I can't wait to start contributing [again] to the best and easiest to use high-performance GPU library available¬†today. Congrats guys! Read more [...]

GPU Convolutions: OpenCV GPU and LibJacket – Part 2

This is a response to my earlier post comparing OpenCV's gpu::convolve() and LibJacket's jkt::conv2() convolution functions, at various image and kernel sizes. That post generated a lot of traffic, most notably from the OpenCV developer community. Taking note of this, it seems that the folks at Willow Garage have re-vamped their GPU convolutions and posted their own set of benchmarks using their updated routines. While the benchmarks I ran highlighted some performance issues in OpenCV - which the Read more [...]

OpenCV vs. LibJacket: GPU Sobel Filtering

Update: LibJacket has been renamed to¬†¬†ArrayFire. In response to a comment on a previous post about integrating LibJacket into an OpenCV project, below is just a simple FYI performance comparison of OpenCV's GPU Sobel filter versus LibJacket's conv2¬†convolution¬†filter (with a sobel kernel)... This is an evolutionary post, so be sure to scroll all the way down to see more comparisons... Update (10/24/2011): Round 2     Test system: [via /proc/cpuinfo]: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Read more [...]

Image processing with LibJacket + OpenCV

Update: one year later: ArrayFire+OpenCV The OpenCV library is the de-facto standard for doing computer vision and image processing research projects. OpenCV includes several hundreds of computer vision algorithms, aimed for use in real-time vision applications. LibJacket is a matrix library built on CUDA. LibJacket offers hundreds of general matrix and image processing functions, all running on the GPU. The syntax is very high level and easy to use. LibJacket with OpenCV For anyone out there Read more [...]

GTC 2010 Trip

I just got back from Nvidia's 2010 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose California. I had an amazing trip, and am thankful that I got to go, as it was my first visit to California as well as my first trade show attendance. [Side Note: The afternoon before the conference, I took Caltrain up to the amazing city of San Fransisco to visit a friend. He toured me around the city streets in beautiful California weather. There is so much to see and do (compared to what's around GaTech in Atlanta); I had Read more [...]