YT Mobile

Play YouTube in background or with the screen off!

Listen to YouTube
While Multi-tasking

Play your favorite music or videos in the background while you use other apps, or just conserve power by turning off the screen, while still listening to the audio.

Full YouTube
Mobile Experience

Get full YouTube mobile on your phone or tablet.
Login and get access to your entire YouTube profile (playlists, likes, history, uploads, etc...).

Background Notificaton:
Easy Access and Controls

Use the recent apps list or notification bar tab to easily bring YT Mobile back to the foreground.
Pause, Play, Exit controls built in easy access for multi-tasking.

Change Log:
App updates

  • Version 2.9
    - Minor bug fixes. Even Less ads.
  • Version 2.8
    - Attempt at less annoying ads.
  • Version 2.7
    - Added a Sleep Timer (in '...' menu). Minor bug fixes.
  • Version 2.6
    - Partial support for Android 3.0. Misc browsing improvements. Refresh button fix. Menu update.
  • Version 2.5
    - Minor bug fixes.
    - Please uninstall "Android System Webview" app if installed.
  • Version 2.4
    - Stuck notification fix. Misc optimizations. UI improvements. SDK upgrade.
  • Version 2.3
    - Better full-screen video mode. Enable move-to-sdcard. Misc improvements.
  • Version 2.2
    - Open links with and share-to YTMobile. Another attempt at fixing lag issues.
  • Version 2.1
    - Updated video sharing options (except sms, oops).
  • Version 2.0
    - Fullscreen videos.
  • Version 1.9
    - Intermittant crash fix.
  • Version 1.8
    - New update system. Misc improvements.
  • Version 1.7
    - Background service should help fix audio lag a few people experience.
  • Version 1.6
    - Faster loading. Layout tweaks (for ad).
  • Version 1.5
    - "Share" (any url) to YTMobile.
  • Version 1.4
    - Fixed notiication buttons.
  • Version 1.3
    - Failed attempt to work around Google Play store restrictions.
  • Version 1.2
    - Notification controls added.
  • Version 1.1
    - Misc stability improvements.
  • Version 1.0
    - Initial release.