Greece Trip CliffsNotes

Exactly 1 year ago today I left on my first trip overseas to visit Greece! This also means I've been putting off making this post for 1 year. Instead of continuing procrastinating writing an amazing post for another year, I'm going to just share my raw notes I took right after the trip. I think that's better than potentially never sharing anything... ^ The blue domes in Oia! Overall quick summary: Landed in Athens, then stayed 3 nights in Athens at Novotel hotel. Novotel has an amazing rooftop Read more [...]

Only So Many Hours in the Day

In an effort to simplify my life and establish more balance, I've decided to write down everything that I spend a significant amount of time doing. This started with just a list of hobbies, to help me narrow-down and prioritize my "free time" Ā [free-time is almost not a word in my vocabulary šŸ™ hence this post ] . Then I realized there are many other non-hobby things that I focus my attention on, and found it interesting and helpful to list them as well.   Things That consume my time Note: Read more [...]

Random Thoughts on VR

This is a brain dump of knowledge and opinions I've gained over the past 18 months: My personal preferences for VR headsets: The HTC Vive is AMAZING, followed by the Oculus Rift, followed by Morpheus (Playstation VR), followed by Gear VR. The current Google cardboard is not VR in my opinion. I've played them all; room-scale Virtual Reality is where itā€™s at (Vive!). The Vive allows for room roaming and hand tracking, while the Rift is lighter and feels more comfortable (no roaming or hands, Read more [...]

Comparing Coffee Shops

I love coffee! The past few months have shown me that ordering an espresso macchiato is a great way to compare coffee shops. Any coffee place can make a latte or serve straight espresso. It takes a bit more skill to make a good cappuccino, and [apparently] even more to get a macchiato right. It surprises me though how many coffee shops fail at making a good, or even a correct, espresso macchiato. What makes a good espresso macchiato? Good espresso made from qualityĀ coffee beans, with the right Read more [...]

Taking a Photo each Day

Back in 2012 I embarked on a journey that has changed the way I live,Ā forever, for the better. I originally began a ā€œphoto 365ā€ project years ago (beginning of 2012), as a way to force my self to go take pictures each day with my new DSLR. Very quickly, the project became a lifestyle, and morphed from ā€œletā€™s go take a nice picture with my nice new cameraā€ into ā€œletā€™s just take many photos each day, and go back and select the most representative photo for that dayā€. Basically, Read more [...]

As Seen on TV

I have some very exciting news!Ā A few of my photos of Midtown Atlanta Georgia are now featured as the backdrop of the WSB-TVĀ Channel 2 news station! Though most people viewing don't think too much about the "generic" city images on display behind newscasters, I now understand someĀ of the behind-the-scenes of how that picture gets selected. The 3 images selected above were found on Flickr, a website I had actually abandoned, forĀ 500px,Ā over 4 years ago!Ā I was just contacted randomly one Read more [...]

Google’s Cardboard Camera for 3D Virtual Reality Photos

Today Google released an app "Cardboard Camera" for Android inĀ the Play Store: A free app to create 3D virtual reality photos (stereoscopic 3D 360Ā° panoramas). VR Photography The appĀ takes a three-dimensional panorama you can view in the Google Cardboard app. The result is a 360Ā° image where near things look near, far things look far, and you can look in front of you, to your sides, or all the way behind you to see the entire Read more [...]

Clean MacPorts

Low on disk space? You might need to checkĀ your macports space usage. Ā I'm always tight on space since I primarily use SSDs in my machines. Here are some tips I use to help clean macports. The following are some shell commands you canĀ use to help reclaim disk space from macports. I've gathered these from around the web, and tested that each one is safe to use (on my machines at least!). Using all of them combined can save gigabytes of space! Run these commands in a terminal to help clean up Read more [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S6

In this post, I compare theĀ Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920Ā (Release date: April 2015) against theĀ Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900Ā (Release date: April 2014). Notes: I'm not trying to compete with dedicated phone review websites, rather I just wanted to share my two cents on how these two phones compare.Ā Also, I currently own an S5 since it was released last year, and the S6 device IĀ refer to in this post is one I snagged from work to test out. First Impressions of the Galaxy S6 My initial reaction Read more [...]

A little book made for you

This post is dedicated to my sister Erin. Erin made me a diy scrapbook of inspirational quotes about life, funny images, and some inside jokes. ThisĀ is by far the most thoughtful gift I've ever recieved in my life. I truly treasure the book and her very dearly. Thank you, Erin. Every time IĀ flip through the pages of this scrapbook I get a chance to slow down and reflect upon life, become more grateful for my family and friends, and get inspired to make the most of the short time we all have on Read more [...]